17" rear? 2012 SG

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I am starting to look for some new wheels for my 2012 cvo street glide. I know it comes with a 18" rear wheel but I was talking with a buddy today and he said Hogpro told him to go with a 17" rear wheel on his SG. Can somebody explain the benefits of going with the 17" rear instead of 18"? I have 12" Arnott air ride on the rear also. Thanks!

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Go with the 17x6.25 on the rear over the 18x5.5 - by going with the wider rear wheel you can put a 200 tire and stretch it to its fullest. In our opinion there is no comparison in the way it looks/sits.

Let me know what wheels you are interested in, I can mark up a great deal for you, we have the Best Price Promise, PM me with specifics and I am more than happy to help you out!

Ryd Safe and have a great weekend.

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