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Sold/Expired 16 inch glendyne rotor and caliper

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I'm selling my 16 inch rotor and caliper from glendyne comes with all the bolts and caliper bracket. $1,100 shipped. I stripped all the powder coat of the rotor I didnt like the finish I already had the caliper bracket powdered gloss black so it matches the caliper. Was going to do the rotor but this set up wont work with my 3D wheel. If interested PM meget-attachment.aspx.jpgget-attachment-1.aspx.jpgget-attachment-2.aspx.jpg


Wish ya were selling this a month ago before I ordered mine.

Great deal.

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One of THE 150!
Oh, I want it! Wish I could swing that much! What does it take to mount that rotor on a non glenndyne wheel?

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I would buy this in a heartbeat if I could knew where I'm gonna come out on my bodywork and paint. This whole "being financially responsible crap" is just ...


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Eddie...good to see you on here. A guy up in Denver bought this already. He just finished up his bike. Check out the build thread "05 Electra Glide in NC". He's got some pics on there.
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