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One of THE 150!
Congrats to ChoppedBaggers.com. We made it to 150 members in a very short time. Good job everyone in helping to make this site a sucess...:very_drunk:


I used to own some shit!
Right at two weeks! I am still going to give a few more members "Site Supporter For Life" status because we have had a few spammers. "I am not counting the spammers"

But, there are literally only a few slots left.

If anyone can help spread the word please do. I would like to see 15000 members this time next year. As soon as my logo is done I'll invest heavily in T-Shirts, Banners, Stickers, and whatever else I can do to get the word out. But in the end, it will be YOU the users who make it or break it. And the plan is still to NEVER have commercial advertising on this site!
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