15 up Road Glide fairing amp(s)


How many and what will fit amp wise in the fairing of a 15 and up Road Glide?

Here is what I have to power.
4 6.5" mid range 4 ohm 250w RMS
2 8" mid range 4 ohm 250w RMS
2 4" tweeters 8 ohm 120w RMS

2 6.5" mid range 4 ohm 250w RMS
2 2" tweeters. No idea until I go look

I am currently running 4 400x4 4 ohm bridged amps and a Audio Control LCQ1 signal processor.
My original bags had a 6x9, 8" mid bass and 4" tweeter. Each on their own amp.
The fairing has a 6.5" with a 2" tweeter. The 6.5" are on their own amp and the 2" tweeters are tapped into the 4" rear tweeters.

I have since changed the the 6x9's to dual 6.5". My thought process was to use the amp from the 4" tweeter to power the second set of 6.5".
I was going to tap the 4" tweeters into one set of the rear 6.5". I am replacing the 6 channel Audio Control with a Rockford Fosgate 8 channel DSP.

My buddy brought up parallel wiring. Hunh what? So after reading I have been using small amps based on the bridged output and small size. Apparently I could have been using better amps and not as many of them. It sounds like I should be bridging them than running the speakers in parallel. I need to power 12 speakers. What can I stuff under the fairing that will put 200w to each speaker after I knock them down to 2 ohm?

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