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120R as a touring platform

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i have a customer with a 120r, the dealer installed at purchase. it dynoed at 125hp & 127 ft lbs, it has power from top to bottom, no lagging and is very responsive. the downside is it was about 10g when completed at the dealer. new throttle body, injectors, plug wires & some other nic nacs that have to go along with it. the bike is very rideable & all the power u need in my opinion. he has had it about 3 months & has about 2500 miles on it & loves it.


One of THE 150!
Wow, $5k in labor and necessary parts to install??? Something doesnt sound right about that.


One of THE 150!
I will let you know how mine holds up. Jugs & heads are off to diamond cut then reassemble and give it hell!
120r_procharger_dragula_exhaust_315181414_large.jpg2011-11-12_11-38-40_267 (2).jpg

We charge $650.00 for in and out labor on 120r easy to do.
Now this does include gaskets and Mis.. iteams
And here is a dyno sheet of a 120R right out of a crate and a Procharger we did. 6.6/7.5 pounds boost with SE tune.r Just did this one 4 or 5 weeks ago. We have done many 120R and have sold all almost all the blowers for them in the US.
This what was on the bike.
120r crate
Dragula 3.05 baffle
Dragos IDS chain drive 2.97 overall
Dragos 69 lbs /hour injectors
SE tuner
AIM clutch with stock HD plates just lock up VP and 380lbs springs. no probs with clutch.