12 FLHX North of the border

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Here's the tear down, went quick. Picking up all my parts later today.
-SMC Sabbath wheels 26 Front 16 Rear
w/ matching rotors and pulley
-HHI 9 deg trees. Goin for the crammed look
-Native Front fender, stretched bags no cut outs
-Ness bagger tail
-Yaffie 6 gal tank, 12" Monkey bars
-Pm 6 piston caliper
-Danny Gray seat
-Banana boards xl's
-SIKpipes bagger pipe
-Front and rear air
-PM brake and shifter

Gotta have her together for Thursday lol. Big thanks to Paul for gettin all my crap together for me
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Got the bags, fender fitted. Got to trim the dash a little to fit the tank better. Everything is going for paint tomorrow except the front fender I have to assemble the front end to fit the fender. Gonna try mount the V rubber band tomorrow all this and go to the Shop and get 4-5 hrs of ink done too. Oh ya then mount the compressors, disassemble the forks install the cylinders and springs lol. Man gonna be a late night I think.

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