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107" 2003 dyna wide glide 4" stroke


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This build was originally a 95" and I bumped it up to a 107" on a budget. I had already done the gear drive cams, roller rockers, and heads during the 95" build. When I did the 107" we bored the cases and dropped the piston/jug kit on and swapped the cams and retuned it.

For a 107" all bore motor, it could have a bit more HP, I think the cams (R&R615) are holding it back a little. Overall, I am pretty happy with it.

I ran a [email protected] on it back when I weighed 271lbs and had a crappy 1.9 60ft time.

Let me know if you can see where the nitrous comes in :)

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One of THE 150!
Thanks guys! It's my first harley. Also the first motor I tore into.....Back when I built the 95"

Here is a pic of the bike, this pic was taken just before I took it to get it dyno tuned.



One of THE 150!
knowing what i do about that chassis and engine combo, at 140 square, it might ought to run 10.20's all day!


One of THE 150!
Sharp bike. Liked to drag cars every once in a while....never wanted to with a bike. Now, not quite sure why though. Looks like fun.
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