10 SG gets a makeover

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NE Ohio
im gonna start this thread and update it as i go.
unfortunatly this is a bolt on bagger build for now.
almost all of the orderd parts are in and the weather here in northern ohio is turning to shit quick, so gonna be starting real soon.

so here is what is ordered / here

21" PM luxe platinum contrast cut
2- matching rotors
17" matching rear
880 metz tires. 200 rear
21" klockwerks wrapper / mounting blocks
progressive mono tubes. 1" lower
PM slash contrast cut fork slider cover
PM kickstand chrome
PM drivers floorboards chrome
PM shift and brake levers chrome
PM contour passenger pegs chrome
PM horn cover scallop contrast
lindy multy bar black
RSD points cover chrome
RSD inlay levers contrast cut
medallion gauges just black
painted inner farring
alloy art front turn signals black
custom dynamics load stabilizer
sinister up yours exhaust chrome with the front guards getting ceramic coated black
sinister rear fender no cuts with their oval lights and plate holder black
sinister bags no cuts

should be quite a bit different...
next up is the stereo.
i have the j&m 7.25 now and its not cutting it.
gonna do a new head unit an amp and two new speakers.
not sure on that stuff yet which direction im gonna go.

also thinking about the sinister dash while its apart and gonna get painted, not sure yet.

here is the bike in its current configuration:

Southern MD
I am highly offended! Didnt see my inexpensive grillz on that list of stuff on the way! Especially since you are doing the stereo now... Especially since I have a grill ready for you... PM Luxe grillz.jpg

just sayin... LoL


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NE Ohio
All my parts are finally in, minus the stereo system. Finally had time to get started. I will post more pics as I plug along.


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