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07 sg build (blue balls)

Bare Knuckle Baggers

One of THE 150!
312431_273837289311902_100000569007714_1032675_1912202879_n.jpghere is my bike i have been working on for awile. I am about to loose the 21 and go to a 26. the 21 and 18 are for sale (Performance macine heathens avon tires brand new) This is a great start to a cool forum keep it up guys


One of THE 150!
Nice scooter ya have there. Ya need to put your wheels in the "Parts for sell thread". You will get a better audiance there. Just saying and trying to help out. Good luck and welcome to the forum.


Resident JerkFade
yes, but its getting a new color this winter.

hell yeah. come on over to a viper color! mine's 2005 Viper Red