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street glide


    New from Georgia

    New from lagrange ga. I'm a lineman here married with three kids. I've been riding motorcycles since I was 5yo. I've owned every type and brand but just now got my first touring bike to make a nice bagger. Picked up a 2011 street glide last saturday. Hope to find some good tech info on here and...
  2. M

    Street glide fairing

    I have a 2011 street glide I want to run a 2015 and up inner and outer fairing, Does any one have any experience with this? what mods need to be done to make it happen?
  3. shortbusray

    street glide jl amp install need help

    I have a 2002 road king im going through the pain in the ass time of installing a sg eg ug fairing on and all the wiring I do not have all the gauges yet but I have a aftermarket deck I would like to install both jl amps under the fairing but not sure how to do it if anyone has pics of this or...
  4. R

    18 inch ape hanger cable/wire kit for 2012 street glide

    Hi does anyone know where I can purchase a 18 inch cable/wire kit for a set of 18 inch apes to go on a 2012 Street Glide. I having a hard time locating one. I found one for a 2011 but not sure it is the same for a 2012.
  5. S

    WTB: 21" wheel and tire

    I'm looking for a 21" wheel and tire for my 02 EG. Right now I'm running a 2010 SG 18" and I'm using a 25mm axle kit instead of swapping the bearings to 1".
  6. B

    WTB Rear fender for my 2012 street glide

    HELP.....I need a rear fender for my 2012 Street Glide to match up with my 5" stretched milwaukee bags (Duals).Thanks Rob 678 644 2312
  7. B

    WTB 4 inch stretched saddle bags stretched rear fender & spot light bar

    Im looking parts for my 2013 Street Glide.....
  8. L

    Street glide custom inner 7.7" speaker

    This is the new inner fairing that we built for the SG, ran this for 6 months now its coming out to get painted and get gauge colour changed.. they are 7.7 JL marine speakers.. I have heard hundreds of after market systems but these are the cleanest sounding at high volume i've heard. At 100...