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  1. S

    Now Hertz and Kenwood dealer

    We now carry Hertz Kenwood Sony Focal Arc Audio Cycle Sounds JM Hog tunes Hawg Wired And a few others We try to stock the most popular Hertz speakers for fast shipping. So let us know if you need anything.
  2. S

    Need RG stereo install help asap - speaker location for Hertz 130s

    Hey All - daperformance hooked me up with an Alpine x305 head unit, Hawg wired kit, Hertz hcx165, Hertz hcx130 and aJl audio xd400 amp as a replacement for a system I had in my 2010 Road Glide. I didn't want speakers in the bags so Pete suggested the 130s cut in at the trees for additional...
  3. S

    2010 Road Glide Audio Repair/Replacement - Advice Please

    All - I have a 2010 Road Glide that has taken some damage to the fairing. I need to replace the inner and outer, the head unit and the speakers. I had the stock HD head unit, a J+M amp and J+M 7" speakers. It was certainly better then the stock system but underwhelming for sure. It doesn't...
  4. EpocDesign

    26" 2012 Road Glide

    Here is my 2012 Road Glide build. This bike is not even broken in yet. It just broke 300 miles when I dropped it off at Pickard USA. The guys at Pickard USA are doing a bad ass job. I cant wait to get it back. www.pickardusa.com www.pickardbaggerparts.com