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    Now Hertz and Kenwood dealer

    We now carry Hertz Kenwood Sony Focal Arc Audio Cycle Sounds JM Hog tunes Hawg Wired And a few others We try to stock the most popular Hertz speakers for fast shipping. So let us know if you need anything.
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    Hertz HCX 130 speakers and JL Audio XD 400/4 Amp new in box

    Selling a pair of Hertz HCX 130 speakers and a JL Audio 400/4 Amp. Both new in box, never installed. Purchased from DA performance here on the board in July. Respond with offers and thanks. JP
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    2010 Road Glide Audio Repair/Replacement - Advice Please

    All - I have a 2010 Road Glide that has taken some damage to the fairing. I need to replace the inner and outer, the head unit and the speakers. I had the stock HD head unit, a J+M amp and J+M 7" speakers. It was certainly better then the stock system but underwhelming for sure. It doesn't...