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rear fender

  1. J

    Bad Dad fender and bags test fit

    Anyone use the summit rear fender with bad dad bags? How was the fit? I am in a rush to do something and don't know if I need to bother test fitting. It sure would be nice not to but if they don't fit right I'll be boned. What are your experiences? The reason I went with bad dad is because they...
  2. J

    Best rear end for the money

    So I have been looking for a bag & fender setup for the last few weeks. I am building the bike on a budget and am not looking to spend 2 grand on a setup. I am wanting to get the opinions of yall on the best fender (fender overlay) and bags for a 07 road king. I have found some on eBay but I'm...
  3. B

    WTB Rear fender for my 2012 street glide

    HELP.....I need a rear fender for my 2012 Street Glide to match up with my 5" stretched milwaukee bags (Duals).Thanks Rob 678 644 2312