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rake kit

  1. jettsound

    "weave" with 23" considering a change to 40* kewlmetal

    Looking for expert advice and wisdom from the forum. Last summer I went to a 23" front wheel on my 2013 FLTRX and installed a Pickard 23" Bagger Tree along with a Lowering kit and have been experiencing "undamped weave/oscillation, fishtailing, rocking, etc..." and wondered if others have the...
  2. E

    Pickard 9* Rake kit **IN BOX**

    [ATTACH]21147 Have a set of Black anodized 9* raked neck kit. This kit is for 08' down models and was never even put on the bike. Decided to go with 12* trees so dont need these. Im letting them go for a killer price , $1050.00 shipped to you! Heres a link to pickard for reference...