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front air ride

  1. C

    Riders w/Air Pressure Gauges - what PSI running w/Front Air Ride w/26" wheel setup?

    Have done a search in the forums for this but can't seem to find anything specific to my question. Even went thru the 100 page+ Front Air Ride Sticky! I have a GlowShift dual Air Pressure LED gauge setup for my Front and Rear Air ride - using CVO Ultra Switches for Up/Down setup - works...
  2. Jokercraze

    Front air ride 101

    First off I have to say this air ride is not the same air ride that Camtech uses..You guys see i work for Camtech i started this air ride way b4 i work for them. so if you have any question on this air ride post or pm me and ill do what i can for you guys. plz do not call Camtech and ask...