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  1. B

    Best worst tires? Opinions first hand

    So I'm putting a 21 on my 13 SG, I plan on keeping the stock 16 for now. U can't see the damn thing anyways. I want to change my rear tire as well. But what brand I've got the stock dlops right now 7200 mi and no probs. I'm thinking pirrelli night dragons or me880s. I'd like to know what you...
  2. Brandon

    Want to go fast? Buy this!!!! 2006 flhx 113" monster

    http://maine.craigslist.org/mcy/3275291707.html I WORK WITH HIM AT THE SHOP HERE. FASTEST ONE AROUND THIS AREA! EITHER CALL HIM OR LET ME KNOW!
  3. Bocfus

    The ChoppedBaggers.com Bagger Build! (26", Rake, Stretch, Etc...)

    Just bought the donor, I'll bring it home Wednesday. 2010 Ultra Classic 1800 miles with the 96" motor. Stay tuned, I will chronicle the build from start-finish.It's getting the full treatment... Rake, stretch, 26" wheel, paint, etc... I would like to keep the Tour Pack removable for my woman...