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  1. C

    polished engine

    I want my engine and tran polished who do you guys recommend
  2. E

    **NEW** 2 into 1 Exhaust Design

    Hey everyone, we are in the process of getting our production set up for these new exhaust pipes. In about a week we will do a pre-sale and special pricing for members so keep an eye out!
  3. B

    Ballistic Bagger Roller

    Ballistic Bagger Roller - Featuring the new 636 style Inner & Outer one piece fairing with turning mount, and Brake Caliper & Fender mount for 30" wheels running 18" rotors.
  4. slothy

    pics from the international bike show

  5. Bocfus

    The ChoppedBaggers.com Bagger Build! (26", Rake, Stretch, Etc...)

    Just bought the donor, I'll bring it home Wednesday. 2010 Ultra Classic 1800 miles with the 96" motor. Stay tuned, I will chronicle the build from start-finish.It's getting the full treatment... Rake, stretch, 26" wheel, paint, etc... I would like to keep the Tour Pack removable for my woman...