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    New from Georgia

    New from lagrange ga. I'm a lineman here married with three kids. I've been riding motorcycles since I was 5yo. I've owned every type and brand but just now got my first touring bike to make a nice bagger. Picked up a 2011 street glide last saturday. Hope to find some good tech info on here and...
  2. J

    Back end question, need everyone's input

    So, I am wondering what you all think about Fenders and bags. - Which look do you think is more popular? The regular stretch/extended bags and fender of the swept bags and fender? I feel like a lot of the custom bikes I see have the sweep. But then again, the regular stretch (bad dad or...
  3. B

    Best worst tires? Opinions first hand

    So I'm putting a 21 on my 13 SG, I plan on keeping the stock 16 for now. U can't see the damn thing anyways. I want to change my rear tire as well. But what brand I've got the stock dlops right now 7200 mi and no probs. I'm thinking pirrelli night dragons or me880s. I'd like to know what you...
  4. S

    WTB: 21" wheel and tire

    I'm looking for a 21" wheel and tire for my 02 EG. Right now I'm running a 2010 SG 18" and I'm using a 25mm axle kit instead of swapping the bearings to 1".
  5. B

    Ballistic Bagger Roller

    Ballistic Bagger Roller - Featuring the new 636 style Inner & Outer one piece fairing with turning mount, and Brake Caliper & Fender mount for 30" wheels running 18" rotors.
  6. K

    Knock 46 cycles - abdul's

    Knock 46 cycle's built bagger for abdul
  7. lucien

    VTX1300C Bagger Project

    I'm about to start converting my VTX into a bagger. Thanks to this site, I've had some good inspiration. It's still a little early, but I decided to get a build thread started. Right now I'm waiting for my new fender and hard bags to arrive. They were custom made by VN Custom. Their...
  8. slothy

    pics from the international bike show

  9. Bocfus

    The ChoppedBaggers.com Bagger Build! (26", Rake, Stretch, Etc...)

    Just bought the donor, I'll bring it home Wednesday. 2010 Ultra Classic 1800 miles with the 96" motor. Stay tuned, I will chronicle the build from start-finish.It's getting the full treatment... Rake, stretch, 26" wheel, paint, etc... I would like to keep the Tour Pack removable for my woman...