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26" harley

  1. A

    07 sg total cut chop rebuild 26".

    Whats up guys names adam been wanting to do this for along time finally bought a sg to tear to shreds and build it nasty! Wanting to do a 26 for sure and chop the neck but im new to this and need yals input on everything. Needin to know what bags are best out right now and best deal on...
  2. EpocDesign

    26" 2012 Road Glide

    Here is my 2012 Road Glide build. This bike is not even broken in yet. It just broke 300 miles when I dropped it off at Pickard USA. The guys at Pickard USA are doing a bad ass job. I cant wait to get it back. www.pickardusa.com www.pickardbaggerparts.com
  3. slothy

    pics from the international bike show