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    Skunk build......

    Nice too see you signed up. Keep us posted on the build. Good luck
  2. vrog

    The complete redo.. My 30

    Looks real good chad. I look forward to seeing the progress. I been out of the bagger scene for a bit now but stop in here time to time and check out the builds. Seeing your new build and getting my plaque with my bike on the cover of road iron this month is starting to give me the bug again...
  3. vrog

    26" CVO Road Glide Anniversay

    Nice bike. Love how u kept the original paint on all the aftermarket body work
  4. vrog

    SickCVO 2012 Roadglide CVO Build 2.0

    That's awesome!
  5. vrog

    Best way to clean motor?

    Not sure if you have a dollar store or dollar tree type store around you. They carry a product called LA Totally Awesome, its a spray and is yellow in color. As always, test an area before you go crazy. I have used it with no problems, spray it down with water first, then spray on the product...
  6. vrog

    Pickard trees...i found the wobble point

    Spoken for the truth right here. If you have been that fast in the 1/4 than you know whats up. Thats the real deal shit that you were doing. I'm not gonna lie, I opened up the 120r a few times, 120mph comes real quick and it just kept pulling. I'm sure a bike with a built motor can get up there...
  7. vrog

    Photo shoot

    Are you nuts??? I was looking at your build, your bike is real nice buddy and magazine would be crazy not to put it in. I'm not one to talk shit about anyone's bike, just not my style. There are tons of bikes on this site that belong in the magazines. I often wonder how some bikes even get in...
  8. vrog

    Finally, poor man's 26 SG build starts

    bike is looking good, real good
  9. vrog

    Pickard trees...i found the wobble point

    Thats faaaaaaaast on any HD. Let alone on a big front wheel. I dont think the tire is even rated for that speed let alone the trees lol.
  10. vrog

    Photo shoot

    Sorry, no............. I forget the name of the company but lets say your lucky enough to get your bike, boat, car, truck etc etc in a magazine. They call you a week or so before your feature hits the stands. They make these cool looking plaques with the article on it. You name and the magazine...
  11. vrog

    Photo shoot

    Just bragging rights for sure. Oh and the $300 plaque that you can say no to. Lol
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    BDL install

    Very nice Noel! Eric's bike always had me thinking too. I wanted one real bad but ended up with the pro charger that I never ended up putting on the bike. Then I just never got around to it, plus it's big $$$. I will most likely do one on the next bike. Looking real good
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    The Exorcism of ChoppedRoadie (Parental Advisory)

    Nice looking bike
  14. vrog

    2011 Road Glide 26

    Tritoon!!! You prob got a 300 on it to lol. If I lived close to a decent size lake you can bet your ass I would have a boat. My wife would be all for it. Buddy of mine has a speed boat and his inlaws have a pontoon. Have to admit the pontoon is where it's at
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    2011 Road Glide 26

    I understand where you are coming from buddy. This is the first time in over 10 years that I dont have a bike. It was great on any given Sunday 12+ guys would meet up early, ride all day, hit a few biker bars, have lunch then head back home. A good 8-12hrs of guy time. Sometimes the girls came...