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    Road glide to road king build

    That tank is a Yaffe Razor Back? With the Filler welded in? Im building a 17' King and wanting a steel tank instead of fiber glue on stuff. Thanks
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    New member here

    Welcome from Louisiana, and there is a ton of info within these walls!
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    Front air ride 101

    So once i get Marc's pistons installed inside the tubes. How much compression should i be applying while turning the bleeder screw? also do i just use the allen head sock wrench to compress with while turning the screw? Thanks
  4. twistedglide

    MRI Center Stands

    I am interested in a MRI stand , is it to late to get in on the action?
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    Triple trees for a 23"

    i used the 9* tricky trees run a 26" front rim
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    Stock Height Monotubes with Bump Stops Question?

    Will i need to install the top out (small spring) on the damper rod if im using a rubber or pvc bump stop? If so do i put it on top or bottom of the bump stop? Thanks
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    Wanted stock front shock guts

    Got parts in mail yesterday. Thanks
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    Center stand
  9. twistedglide

    Center stand

    I believe i seen that one on ebay. But check out these here too
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    Center stand

    Thinking of using something like this i seen them for around $30
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    Wanted stock front shock guts

    You able to get parts out Saturday?
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    New member from Southwest Ohio

    Welcome from Cajun country
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    Center stand

    i have thought about this also, i was thinking of buying a manual stand from fleabay cheaper the better and then fabricating off that i seen them for under 75 bucks. That might be way to go then after that look for an air piston or cylinder to operate it.
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    Wanted stock front shock guts

    Check Your Paypal?