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    Big Blue Pearl Paint Code

    930849 ppg
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    sequential led strips

    Barefoot, I pm'd you. Give me a call.
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    Prepping fiberglass and polymer parts for paint

    Clean clean clean. Gotta keep stuff clean, gotta clean stuff before you start. The polymer stuff has a release agent that needs to be cleaned off with a solvent based cleaner and the fiberglass parts could as well. Surface preparation. Gotta make sure all surfaces have a tooth, scratches...
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    help with how to prep inner fairing.

    Use grey scotch bright pads for surface preparation. These have just enough grit to abrade but not so aggressive to scratch to deep. Scuff every inch of the surface to paint making sure it is fully scuffed and dull. Stay away from solvent cleaners. I have found when using them, they create...
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    Ness dealer needed.

    True Kustom We have a great relationship with Ness and either have their parts or can get them easily.
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    Disconnects for power/ground for amps in bags

    Dont hate cause you didnt think of it... HA.
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    Post Burnouts HERE
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    True Kustom

    Well, we have made it through some bumps in the road so our delivery time is much better now. Regarding the side panel options. I have started grafting them to the bags. I chose to do this because it takes away any chances for misalignment. I have worked on hundreds of harleys and none of them...
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    Painters primmer question

    You will do whatever you want and that is ok. I was offering my 20+ years experience, over 1000 bikes painted and close connection to PPG regarding the subject. From the PPG website. Sealer means to seal off raw metal and body work before paint application. Epoxy primer is not a...
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    Painters primmer question

    DP Epoxy slightly reduced shot through a 1.3 tip will layout smooth smooth. Just remember, epoxy prime is porous and will soak in water and whatever other chemicals hit it before it is painted. Rust will start underneath it. I would suggest take the next step and shoot some catalyzed flat black...
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    Crazy Question For Painters, not what you think

    Most modern Urethane Clears are photochemicaly reactive. They use UV and IR to cure, not just heat. Airflow across the part is also very important to remove solvents gassing from the clear. I would not recommend it
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    Looking for HD logo in Stencil/decal

    Big Lew. start with black grills. I can sell/send you vinyl stencils to apply to the grill. You will need to make sure that your grill surface is very clean before applying the masking vinyl. As long as you have a clean surface and apply the vinyl carfully you will minimize paint bleed...
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    Focal vs Hertz

    Sony does have the easiest steering wheel interface. The Tune Tray thing is nice too. no stuff on the bars. I am a bit of a purist on the bass side of things. Subs need controlled enclosures to perform correct, that is why I build enclosures into my bags, ported out the bottom. You will be...
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    Focal vs Hertz

    Heavy, I predominantly use the DSX models, but the sound engine is the same in both units so you will get good sound from the start. Look at the DSX-S310. It is a tune tray model with the bluetooth pairing as well...