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  • Question for you,i belive you are running the same or similar set up that i am. Pickard trees and neck sleeve 9*&9* with the Fat Katz 26FL front fender. My question is if you are running the same set up have you made your fork travel limiters. I have the bulk rubber stops from Native just need to cut them to length and wondering what length you wound up with. I know i can remove my springs and collaspe and extend the forks with the fender on and get the difference but i have my forks assembled already for mock up and would rather not have to pull the springs out again. Thanks!
    Tracy, I really like the shape of the floor boards. Just looking for a contrast cut with a plain rubber insert. Would like a matching brake pedal and shifter too. I contacted precision billet until I was clued into the fact it was YOUR design. Sorry about that
    can u do custom shift linkages for harley road glides? I need one with DBMC in the middle of it. If so, how much raw or chromed./ thanks shannon
    Tracy if I can't find them, I need 1/4" fender spacers that fit the ness lower legs. Maybe?
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