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    Floorboard options

    Made my own.
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    09-up swing arm mod..

    PM me. I am doing one I had in shop so I can offer an exchange. Thanks
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    Chain Adjuster

    Am I the only one running a BDL Compensator and Haydon M-6 chain adjuster?? Over 8000 miles and no issues. Less vibration and no comp klanking. Also, I have had to replace 2 tranny mainshafts as well as trans and inner primary bearings due to the overratcheting stock adjuster.
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    Not sure but looks interesting. Anyone using???
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    Cam-Plate/ Oil pump upgrade

    I agree on Fueling is very nice. T-Man has what I feel is the best but not cheap.
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    BOTM Nominations for November

    I'm in....
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    Aftermarket Exhaust 2-1-2

    PM Sent
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    Thunder Max ??

    I am idling at 850rpm. I swapped out to a Fueling pump and swapped the bypass spring when I did the SE255's to maintain pressure at hot idle. I haven't seen below 5psi even when extremely hot.
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    Gear shifter lever problem

    If you need to run it in that location, you will need to cut custom spacers. The eliminator is made to take the place of the heel shift arm. I would replace the arm and/or the shaft, whichever splines are damaged. Then the store bought eliminator will work.
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    Yaffe Monkey Bar Help

    I use alot ofv Avon grips and have found that the best thing to do is mock up all the controls as well as grips prior to wiring. On different bars some length adjustment may be required to get the clutch and master cyl. perchs flush with the 1 1/4" section of the bars. Sucks to get everything...
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    Need some help during My Engine tear down...PLEASE

    Bike is looking great. A little late but you may want to consider replacing the compensator as well as the auto primary chain tensioner. May save yourself some trouble later. I have had to replace 3 trans mainshafts as well as clutch hub and inner primary bearings due to primary chains auto...
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    T-max base map needed

    Thanks Frank, But I'm in a pinch right now. Same as always, finishing work on mine at the last minute before a run. Would like to get a closer base map installed before heading south.
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    T-max base map needed

    OK engine guys, I need a good base map for my 2010 RG. All stock 96", Thunderheader, SE Stage 1 AC, stock throttle body, SE255 cams. I was running map #324 as a base(D&D Fatcat/open baffle map)with the stock cams. I'm told it will autotune, but want to speed up the tuning.
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    Tig welder???? Plasma cutter???

    Lincoln 225 Precision Tig/ Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 plasma cutter/ Miller 180 Mig Like anything else, I look for more than what I need at that time so I won't need to upgrade. Do yourself a favor and purchase a hi quality machine. You get what you pay for.
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    Road Glide Inner and Hertz Speakers

    I would be interested in the speakers. I already have my fairing hydrodipped and cutout for the inside speakers.