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    03 EG going from 21 to 26

    Looks great! I' just finishing up an 01' with a 23" and full air because I didn't want to cut it. Thought I was going to be finished until I saw this. Thanks a lot!
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    Another 26 garage build

    When you bond the tank covers on, do you leave the tank on the bike?
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    First Post and Native 180 Install

    Great job! I had never considered the 180 kit before now.
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    "Papa Smurf" Shortneck 26 in SoCal

    Don't listen to them. You can be finished with it if you want to be. I've been finished with mine three times now since joining this site. Hahaha
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    Over the rail fended and docking hardware ?

    May be the difference? Mine is 08- down and it only came with the front points. The rear are HD parts but it eliminates the big ugly hoops that the older bikes had to run for QD. The backrest also uses the same points so it streamlines the whole set up. FBI is a really nice mount!
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    Over the rail fended and docking hardware ?

    When I bought my quick detach rack for a razor it came with the rack and the front mounting points. You had to have the rear mounting hardware.
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    Over the rail fended and docking hardware ?

    Yes, I was going to order the black rack, but thought I might have to modify it slightly to fit with my fender. That's why I ordered it raw and powder coated it black.
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    Over the rail fended and docking hardware ?

    One thing to be cautious of..I have the FBI quick detach on mine with the 08 down Black Death kit. I ordered the mount raw because I thought I may have to do some tweaking to it. It fit very close out of the box and worked and looked great. I then took it along with all the hardware to have...
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    End of the year sale

    Didn't think of that. Thanks for the input. I saw one of the stands on Slowbaggers bike and really liked it. Definitely going to get one.
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    End of the year sale

    I want one of the manual stands, but I am waiting on parts to be able to finish my tank and seat changes, so I can finish my front/rear air ride changes so I can get my measurements...if that made any sense? Hopefully have it all ready by EOY.
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    Decembers supporter giveaway

    Would love to have these. Been looking at them for a while.
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    Sold/Expired Feeler: Selling some Ass - SOLD

    What tank and dash are you running? Looks great
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    Top shop death bags

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    Top shop death bags

    I did the Black Death rear end w/ a 23". Drug the back corner of the bags once when I was not aired completely up. Got w/ Top Shop and got their short skid plates. Like anything else, haven't hit since putting the plates on. I'll post some pictures shortly.
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    2006 RG build 26"

    How was the fit and finish of the tank covers and dash? This is the one I like best, but have heard of a few issues with fit???