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  • Hello. Very nice road glide. I'm doing one myself. I'm wounding who's neck, trees and what degree you used? Thanks Brad
    hey buddy where can i find some pics of your bike at ,,,im looking at a streetglide its the blue color one i dont know if i wana go crome wires or black billets and black it all out
    I hear you may can help. I also posted this in the forumn. I would appreciate any help.
    SO I have a couple of questions. I have a 2010 Road Glide . The mechanic got the Tri Glide trees installed but the bolts on the trees are in a different location that the stock ones, so the cover for the guage housing wont bolt up. How have you guys handled this?

    Also the trees are hitting the inner fairing when turned all the way. My headlight is sitting straight so I am afraid that the Yaffee one is not going to work. Im guessing I just need to move it out a couple of inches.

    Hey B..did you keep your frame black? I'm thinking of repainting it black vs viper green. Then when I do my 30 do a frame off
    Thats a lot of work in aquiring all the inner parts of the fairing, dealing with part numbers and shit. I just converted mines to a streetglide, I just need to wire up my gauges on the panel, see what I really need on the panel, and somehow clean up my tank as far as the center console. Are you changing out your floorboards? Keep me in mind if you are.
    Wut up Sloth? From what I've seen or read somewhere, I forget, are you re inventing your bad boy? It's hard to keep up with you Chad and Vrog! My American Idols for baggers hehehehehe!
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