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    road glide 30 inch bagger project bike forsale $16500

    Why are you selling? Looks like you have the beginnings of a very nice bike. Engine & tranny are OK?
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    Whats up

    Hey youze guys....I recognize the names from HDF...Surprized that MKGuitar didn't beat ya to it. Looking forward to some threads already started....'09 Rk btw..16" apes..555's....dresser duals...rineharts.....and I'm pushing 55....ffffffk..."Take care" from your northern neighbours. Rob
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    The Bagger Build! (26", Rake, Stretch, Etc...)

    Is there a sinister video of the rear fender overlay procedure?
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    Hey from St. Louis - Home of the World Champion Cardinals!

    I think that you'll be hearing alot from HD Forums members. (I was the first to post in the "Canadian" section) Good luck and I look forward to following your success. Rob
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    Congrats on the new site. Alberta, Canada here and happy to be the first poster in this section. Looking forward to following it's progression. Rob