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    im on my last chance

    as above, been told to play nice, so if anyone wants there arse licking or cock sucking seems im your guy
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    03 Road King build 30"

    i have a loving and caring home for the 30" wheel if you have to get rid of it ;) lol
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    totaled the big green bagger :(:(

    as bad as it seems at the time, metal can be replaced , you cant good luck with it all and hope to hear your fit and well and have it all sorted Matt
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    What size 21" wheel and tire combo?

    i also run a 21x3.5 rim with a 130/70/21" tyre sell those in a whitewall
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    what jewelry are you rockin?

    i only wear a Harley ring, one of only two ever made by Ginsy of Harley Davidson for my dad had it since i was 15 so a while now
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    Knock 46 cycles - abdul's

    very clean indeed, love black and chrome together and like what you have done with the rear end lighting kit
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    '10 Supercharged Street Glide with 26

    lovely bike and i had a street rod and loved it yellow and silver edition good luck with the sale
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    New 30" dual radius tube build 2010 street glide

    such a shame im looking at the angle of the kneck and is that right ? just worries me that if you hit a bad pot hole or something similar it would stress fracture the whole front end so bad that it would crack all the welds etc ? kind of too much force hitting a solid object and having no...
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    DNA wheels

    please dont take this the wrong way, but why do wheels cost so much $$$$ ? same as the rake kits etc ? i love some of the designs your website have but cant justify the cost, i can get a whole set of nice wheels for my 50 chevy 3100 for less than a pair of Harley wheels :/
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    is there any UK guys/ girls in here ?

    just wondering if there are many from the UK on here, who have done a big wheel conversion or built a kneck chopped bagger ? if so can i see some pics and what you have done or built so far please ? only reason i ask is because i have not heard of anyone else doing this over this side...
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    Long way round

    ive had them both since they came out, and infact i bought a gs1150 due to those and loved it, only reason i sold it was due to the clutch going and getting a good deal with it on a street rod hmmm might have to watch it again seen as nothing on tv :)
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    03 Road King build 30"

    subscribed, great to see a road king being done and cant wait for some more eye kandy pics need more big wheel porn ;)
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    Tricky Air & Billet

    great, looking forward to them .
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    Road King frame numbers ?

    thanks for the post and the kneck looks like a very good job indeed
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    Road King frame numbers ?