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    Sinister LED tail light

    I got a tail light out and need a replacement, evidently Dirty Bird only sells them in a set but I only need one. Anybody have one for sale?
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    roadglide fairing mount

    So is it for a 7/7 set up?
  3. Redglide75

    New from ky

    Welcome from Livermore KY.
  4. Redglide75

    Anyone have pics of 7* rake 9* tree 26" SG build??

    Nice ride!! What is your stretch and do you have any tank clearance issues?
  5. Redglide75

    easyriders show nashville

    Sorry if I offended you with my comments about the red bike. And I'm not complaining, heck I could care less. I'm only stating that if I'm gonna spend this much money on a custom bagger it's not gonna be this similar to someone else's. I agree the bike is not identically copied but you have to...
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    easyriders show nashville

    I just checked out Sinister's "Bloodymarry" bike on their site and your right, that's just stupid to spend that much money building a custom bagger an copy someone else's paint... Just lost respect for those guys.
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    easyriders show nashville

    This bike was built buy Cool Springs Harley, I saw it at the dealership the Friday before the show. Beautiful bike!!
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    The MF'er bagger build

    She got good taste bro, I like the bars too. Who's are those?
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    Finally moving up

    Your gonna love the 23!! Can't wait to see it.
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    Bike is done!!

    I try to think of things that my budget will allow me to add to my bike every year and you and Noel just say screw it, scrap it, and re do it!! Hell, I'm already looking forward to what you guys are going to do next year. Lol
  11. Redglide75

    Bike is done!!

    Oh I see, that stupid bike is the one that cost me so much money and here you go again.... Stop already, I can't hang!! Lol Cameron and the guys do some awesome work! I guess I'll have to sit this round out.... :45 (2):
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    Bike is done!!

    Roger this thing is over the top, but man I really liked the old bike too! BTW is that your old bike I see through the front wheel in this picture?
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    26" 2010 streetglide build

    Good to see them step up and refund your $. Can't ask for much more.....other than build it right the first time.
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    26" 2010 streetglide build

    That messed up fairing is a prime example of Sinister's quality... What a shame, I just hope they take it back and don't try to screw you over.