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    Pickard USA BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!! $400 off our swag bag rear end kit!

    We are knocking off 400 bucks off our Swag bag rear end kit for Black Friday. Sale will be good till Cyber Monday! Kit includes bags, replacement rear fender, integrated run/turn/brake license plate frame and side covers. The bags are 6 down and 6 back and fit 97-2013 models. Call...
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    Sold/Expired Pickard Raked Triple Tree for a 23" Rim

    hey email pics of your bike to [email protected] so we can post it on our website and social media! looks great!
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    Any bad dad dealers offering specials

    we are a dealer... PM me parts you are looking for
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    Rake/Trees/ and Wheel combination information

    AS 26 weld on is a 4 neck, 8 tree and the 30 is a 8 neck 10 tree
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    AS T-26 Wedge Kit

    it's best to use a jig when raking any neck... better safe than sorry!
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    How to set your front end play

    We have been asked many times about setting your front end play and what the torque specs are... Every bike is slightly different so it's tough to give a specific torque spec so we go by a modified fall away procedure. Here's a video on how we set the front end on a NON STOCK bagger. This will...
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    Pickard USA SALE!! Air Tank and Solenoid Bracket combo

    we are running a sale on our air ride tanks and solenoid / air valve brackets. Buy our standard air tank kit and get a free solenoid bracket!!!! The bracket allows you to mount up to 4 solenoids by our air tank for a simple and clean instant air ride install. Check out the video links below...
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    neck cutting

    here's a tech video we did on installing the short neck as well as the triple trees... hope this helps!
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    How to adjust endplay

    call the shop and we will walk you through it... 972-231-1298 x 2
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    glue on side covers to Pickard tank extension

    yea it will be too short... we have extended dashes if you need them and they are built to the shape of our tank extension
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    Hub and bearing change/ 23"

    I'd use a dial indicator and check the run out on the rotor first...
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    23" 2009 CVO Build aka GlidinRev

    nice! keep the pictures coming!
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    Widest rear wheel that can be put on 08 and down

    18x4.25 with out modifying swingarm... you can fit up to a 160 tire if you trim or remove the plastic belt guard
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    26" set up questions

    HHI definitely doesn't make our trees... we use the some company that makes the slide over style raked neck kits... that's probably what you've heard...