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  • NM Dude!!! Just squaring away sunday.. Sorry it tok so long!! lol I use my Iphone all the time
    Howzit Bobby. I think I passed you on da fly(you were heading towards Makapuu). Beautiful day for a ride. Lucky we live Hawaii. I catch you next time (for check out da air gauge). Aloha bruddah.
    Aloha Bobby,
    Do you have an e-mail I can run something by you? That's the only way I know how to attach pictures. Sorry.
    The last two weekends the Wife and I been running to Maui so couldn't drop by. You ever have time during the week morning time? I watch the Grandkids in the PM blah blah...you know how it goes....If not I gotta catch up some how. ANYWAY I wanted to run something by you to see if it would be feasible/possible regarding a fuel gauge. If I could e-mail you would be easier. Mahalo.
    Aloha Bobby,
    You pau with your bike? You taking on any new outside work? I only need/want a air gauge for the Arnott system mounted somewhere on the bike. Not in a rush but if you interested in doing some work let me know.


    Ok thanks B.Obtw send me your shirt size so I can add to your growing Hawaiian collection
    ya its all black, i'm going to do the internal wiring this winter. when i do it, im just going to have the neck painted green like you have now. Dont see me being motivated enough to pull frame out to paint it all.
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