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    How big of wheel before front end work needed

    To be honest, 18 or 19" front is really all you can do with out any front end work. 21" still needs lowering kit to look and handle right.
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    Fork extensions for monotubes, 23" wheel, and Ness trees

    Check out Traceman.. TraceCave Customs.. I think he was runind ness trees on his 26 and machined adapters to work with monotubes. He is on FB as tracecave customs and CB as traceman.
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    foot pegs instead of floor boards

    I also have a set of Accutronixs and will NEVER go back to floorboards...
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    Fork extensions for monotubes, 23" wheel, and Ness trees

    HHI has fork extensions to use with monotubes.... "These extensions have been adapted for use with Progressive Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit applications" I run the lowered monotubes in my RG with a 26" wheel and I use the...
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    No 2014 RoadGlide

    The current tool to produce the current RG fairing is at the end of audible life span. The number of fallout fairings is high. I do not remember what % was fall out but not good. For 2015 or mid year 14 HD will have the new fairing and new tool for older fairings.
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    Radio Upgrade for 2013 FLTRX?

    Have had no problem reading... My only issue and my own fault is trying to reach the knob to search on my iPhone during riding... Raking moves the fairing out just a bit further..
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    Radio Upgrade for 2013 FLTRX?

    I am running and love it. I used Hawg Wited adapter and install kit. I like the billet faceplate.
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    Milwaukee - who's going this weekend?

    I live up here so yeah I will be there.
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    will Softail forward controls work on a street glide

    Go buy a set of Acutronixs and a drop seat kit...
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    Sold/Expired BLB Scallop II bags new never used

    I have this setup on my bike.... All I can say is BITCHIN!!! Good luck with sale!
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    2014 Street Glide

    No pre-outs.... Yeah don't ask where I got this.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    2014 Street Glide

    I can see what I can find out... No promises...
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    frame weld broke ??

    Thunder Mountain is not out of business. There is still a dealership in Loveland, CO... Call the dealership and get their opinion.
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    Trouble wth newly installed 23 inch front wheel..

    If you can get a measurement of the factory width between the bearings and the aftermarket setup. It sounds like they may have shipped you a non abs bearing...
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    Trouble wth newly installed 23 inch front wheel..

    Are you sure the rotors are mounted correctly? Typically there are indentations in the rotor for the heads of the rotor bolts to fit.. I can not tell from your pics.