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    Vendors wanted

    You can sign up sometime this winter. Just email the info Marty
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    Aprils giveaway

    I sent Caa-oh a private message to contact me! It is still not to late to do this mod, mod time is usually same day I receive the equip with return shipping the next. Plus your ship time. See the website to begin this process. Ride safe MyRide7 Marty
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    Vendors wanted

    Crazyredneck, Do you have this covered? I could do April if needed. Marty
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    January's giveaway

    TX Outlaw, Email me direct to [email protected] when you are ready to begin this! There is some info on my website you may want to read first. Marty
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    January's giveaway

    OK all roll your dice and lets get a winner! Marty
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    Vendors wanted

    You can add me to the list for this winter. LG Gauge Mod with free RT shipping. MyRide7 Marty
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    February site supporter giveaway by Gauge LED Mod

    Mike, Please see your PM I sent on the last day of the month. I have not heard from you. again contact [email protected] Marty MyRide7
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    Free Return Shipping Promo

    All I am currently running a free return shipping promo. This is not on the web site yet as I wanted to roll it out here first. See the vendor section for more information. MyRide7 Marty. Please use the web site submittal form to begin the mod process as I often get busy and it might be days...
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    Marc, Just email me direct to [email protected] for faster reply and additional GAUGE MOD INFO to be sent to you, Marty.
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    All I posted info in the vendor section on new web site, FB and also some pictures. MyRide7 Marty
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    New Gauge hookup

    Cp, When I get gauges here for mod they have mileage on them as well as the a/b miles. I guess these are correct. I have in the past tested different colors of gauges on my bike and the gauge mileage was shown not my bikes mileage. Marty MyRide7
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    New Gauge hookup

    CP, I sent you an email. As far as Operation/plug/play all will be fine. One issue: If the 2012 had for example Anti-lock and your does not then the "Anti-lock" led will stay on when connected to your bike as the imput to the gauge isn't getting the proper imput needed to "tell the LED circuit...
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    Just a few of some of the best this year thus far

    just a few more
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    Just a few of some of the best this year thus far

    Just a few, sorry for the poor pics the hallo only shows when taking pictures! Marty MyRide7 [email protected]
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    Gauge Bezel/Trim HELP!!!

    CP, Your best bet is what all are saying. Tape off and spray them. With the correct equipment they can be removed like I do but even the press will mess up the rear lip when they are "crimped" back on the gauge housing. This would be a good time to have the LED mod done!. Give me an email direct...