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    Where is everyone mounting their air pressure gauge

    I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I ended up buying the Arlen mess oil pressure gauge/mounting kit and instead used the mount for my air gauge. It bolts right on the rear rocker box and is super clean looking. I then used the step braided line to rout from the gauge along the frame. I...
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    Sold/Expired 21x3.25 spoked rim - No Longer Available

    What parts you looking for? I have a decent amount of parts laying around. Also will that fit an 07 road king
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    RK 23" Long Baller

    I'm surprised. Usually not a fan of the sweep but that looks nice
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    Should i go up?

    I am almost 5'10 and use 18s. I am really considering dropping to 16 though. They work fine I just think it looks a little off from the front.
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    MY NEXT VICTIM 2007 RK Salvage

    m on the bandwagon. Keep it white brother.
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    Duel exhaust with stretched bags

    What exhaust is that? That is damn nice
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    Duel exhaust with stretched bags

    I wanted to do cfr but they are 4.5
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    Duel exhaust with stretched bags

    Been trying to decide which exhaust to go with for my stretched bags. The 2 I want are 4.5 inch and the cutout is for 4 inch. I know I could cut the fender to make it work but I don't want to do that for a few reasons. Therefore, I am wondering what people are using for duels with their...
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    2007 Road King budget build

    What exhaust do you use?
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    Bad Dad fender and bags test fit

    I went with them for that reason. But with my luck if I don't test fit then it will be off. What exhaust do you guys use? Would cfr work or is the 4 inch exhaust the biggest that will fit
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    Bad Dad fender and bags test fit

    Anyone use the summit rear fender with bad dad bags? How was the fit? I am in a rush to do something and don't know if I need to bother test fitting. It sure would be nice not to but if they don't fit right I'll be boned. What are your experiences? The reason I went with bad dad is because they...
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    Any opinions on duels with stretched bags?

    Sweet bike man. Those look extremely good. I saw the high outputs and thought they were good looking. I guess those may be something to look into a bit more.
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    Any opinions on duels with stretched bags?

    Hey I have been needing an exhaust. I am pretty set on duels and will be using 4 1/2 inch stretched bags and fender. I am wanting to see what is being used on some bikes here. I like the freedom outlaw exhaust but for some reason I just have not been able to pull the trigger on it quite yet...
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    First build

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    Floorboard options

    Are thise wire ones the more popular? Or the squared ones. It seems like the wire ones are a little small. Could be wrong but I was surprised how little was there for a floorboard