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    Donnie Smith bike show 2016 St. Paul MN

    The board tracker is one we built a few years ago one of my favorite builds so much fab work went into it i really miss it!!!!1
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    Pics of 26 SG with Long Baller Rear End

    can't get any finished pics to load when gaps were right and side view done sorry
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    Pics of 26 SG with Long Baller Rear End

    We did i just can't get pics to load for some reason
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    Car tire Dark side

    We put a few on a couple years ago at the shop both customers hated them from day one and they both removed then after a couple hundred miles.... the ride was ok cornering was ok but had a very slow heavy feel
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    Nashville Bike week 2017

    Over 100k show up for the national motocross stuff every year and its a much larger area than sturgis really at least in concentrated area and they pull 200 k plus every year it should be huge and super well run all the rallies sell tickets in sturgis to get in to buffalo chip on sat is 40 a...
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    Nashville Bike week 2017

    easy rider maybe involved but i haven't seen their name miller lite is one of the big ones its plastered on all the 12 pack cartons around here he is working with bagger mag as well for baddest bagger stuff should be about 10 days of non stop action headliner bands etc
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    Nashville Bike week 2017

    I know its going to be huge we have spoke with mike axle that is the promoter and its going to be huge cabins sold out in a day and a half over a year in advance they have spent millions to get this rolling.....We will be one of the title sponsors for bike shows etc tons of cash for the shows i...
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    EG fairing fit and finish?

    should be the same
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    Elaines new Sportster Bagger

    sorry didn't mean to hi jack thread was just showing a baggster
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    Elaines new Sportster Bagger

    I cut the stock sporty fender and added to it and made the fillers out of 1/8 plate the bag kit itself was a sumac but looked terrible without modifying fender
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    Elaines new Sportster Bagger

    Very cool we did one for my ol lady couple years ago suger skulls and lace work I'm sure she will love it
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    Daytona 2016

    We will be there with some big wheelers!!!!
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    Teach the young man to chop

    Love it very cool!!!!!!
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    Cover of road iron!!!

    This bike had over the top details along with a non turbo 160+ hp motor I believe it won every major show it was ever entered in........