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    We took a little trip to Colorado.

    We did come back roads that not many Harleys see. Beautiful. Watch it on YouTube, make sure the resolution is set at 1080 on a big screen.
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    A non bike build, 49 Chevy 4400

    Here is how my rear Lights on my bike are wired up so that you can run turns and brake on one filament You could run the same set up. You need a set for both sides or four relays. Are you going to run a dual master ?
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    A non bike build, 49 Chevy 4400

    Nice project, love the old chevy trucks, I have a 55, and 56 GMC project that I used to drive all the time then got my harley and lost interest and need to sell. The 6 volt is fine as long as everything is in good shape or in the summer. In the cold, (32) good luck starting it if its outside...
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    DIY tank stretch

    Yes the tank plus the clay will make up the plug the shape that you want it. Yes there will be a space between the tank and cover. You make it in two pieces so that you can take the cover off and remove the clay. Once you get the final shape done, you epoxy the cover back on the tank and either...
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    Beginning build

    Having bags and a windshield/faring is just so practical on a bike that you are going to ride. I'm running mini apes, and like them, I ran the high apes in the late sixties and loved them but the short apes are more comfortable to me. If you like the color of the stock paint why not keep it and...
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    DIY tank stretch

    MYSK, I know that this does not sound like a big job but this is a much larger project than it looks like, expect it to take a year to do. Ok now that I've said that it does sounds like a fun project, especially if you are willing to learn. I would cover the entire tank and make it a removable...
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    75 FLH full air bagger sometimes...

    Man that is awesome, very clean well thought out bike. Was the color Change because you just wanted something different?
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    New clutch time, yea it in the chit chat area.

    205,000 miles on the stock clutch I felt it was time for a new one, wrong. I could have gone another hundred thousand, I was expecting it to be wore out, but it was not that bad. Now I'm Good for another twenty years or more. Guess you can tell I'm not a tire shredder ,LOL
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    Thoughts on 120R Daily Driver and not Romping it

    The thing that kills a motor is heat, the main variable to how much heat a motor produces it compression, compression makes heat. You get a different set of conditions if you live in Fl vs main. What I would be concerned is the compression ratio, since you do not have a build sheet I would run a...
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    Custom Softail Bagger

    A couple of quick. [/URL ] The carbon fiber is pretty easy to trim with tin snips if they are sharp and the fiber is not too thick. [URL=][/URL ] The sizing is pretty much...
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    04 RK Motor Upgrade

    That is going to be nice.
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    Custom Softail Bagger

    Not a lot going on, I did more damage to the tank with the epoxy bleeding through the tape than I realized, and had to sand it out, when sanding it turns the flake to silver so had to touch that up, black again then the flake. I know that the old metal flake was metal and if sanded turned silver...
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    Life Behind Bars

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    Life Behind Bars

    Anyone want to play? I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
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    Wanting to see dramatic BEFORE and AFTER shots of our rides

    That is so cool, I really like the white, goes against everything I have ever said about all Harleys should be black. LOL. Who's tank is that, that's nice.