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    Wiring problems for air ride

    cool thanks guys its on a 13 roadglide
  2. frito

    Another short neck fairing rake. (American suspension bolt on neck)

    frankie will you pm me the epoxy as well gonna do some mods to a rg im building
  3. frito

    Wiring problems for air ride

    cool thanks slothy, looking for something in under tank mess of wires, since all mine is in rear switches and all,
  4. frito

    Manual center stands now available

    sent you a email
  5. frito

    Wiring problems for air ride

    ok guys got a ? i have the ridetech setup similiar to accuair. where are guys wiring in the hot, so it can come on with ignition
  6. frito

    Donner 30" RK build

    That's one sick ride,the detail is on point to say the least ,can't wait to see the final pics
  7. frito

    Front air ride question

    Ok doing a front airride with Marc Pistons on a rg 2013 .how are you guys running airlines ,where they don't bind when turn? I have everything mounted in rear so was planning on running airline in frame with wires ,need some pics or advice /help
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    Iowabagger319 road glide build

    Looking good
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    Step by step air piston install. With pics.

    Ok i wanna do this right the first time, I have my spring cut to i put 10.5 oz in fork and then just push piston down into oil and tighten bleeder? or do i put less in and then put some on top of piston? im confused on reading these past posts
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    Sold/Expired 30 inch king - No Longer Available

    Sweet deal for someone
  11. frito

    Easyriders nashville

    Yeah 130ft triple I can whip over lap after lap,I cross rut off the face of a 20ft step down and n txt thing I know it's 3 weeks in the hospital and 4 months in a wheel chair lol
  12. frito

    Easyriders nashville

    man its been a long rd,Im out of wheelchair and on crutches,ive knocked out 2 frame builds its been tough but got a do what i can..Went back last monday said prob take a yr to heal its been 5 months so another yr to go,21 screws and 2 plates now..but could be worse
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    Easyriders nashville

    sweet looking rides hellbent as always
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    Pics of fairing on tucked 30

    green843 bagger any pics ,im ready to start on this one
  15. frito

    Pics of fairing on tucked 30

    looking for fairing pics on 30 roadglides, fixing to make a bracket and see how some are mountning or molding bottoms around fender etc...