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    Got the SG home yesterday

    Bad Dad
  2. dumpster0621

    Got the SG home yesterday

    Jason at Crazy Beaver Customs just finished up this years investment.....Camtech body and molded side covers......just got the seat today to cap everything off.....couldn't be happier with Jason's work!!
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    Rear air ride leak

    Make sure all of your lines were cut straight that go into the pushlocks, I had one that was squeezed just a little and it went in the fitting fine, looked good but had a tiny it with a razor blade put it back in......all good.
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    34" Street Glide

  5. dumpster0621

    21" wheel pics

    21"....lowered 1.5" front
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    Ape install on batwing bike

    Mick- I have the same grips, your right, set screws for the left and the throttle just slips on and is clamped in with the control housing, assuming you have TBW.
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    From NC that tax free money!
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    Who hides their purchases from their wife?

    It's funny how we convince ourselves that they are that easily fooled, and they do a good job at letting us believe that we fooled them! I am starting to run out of "it will be more comfortable for you" excuses. I am still trying to get my story straight for how a 26 will help benefit her...
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    My new build, and I love it!

    Bad to the bone
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    2nd new from NC (posting from Kuwait)

    Welcome from Raleigh
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    Cut 2" out of mine, powdercoated black.....prefect and cheap
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    January 2013 BOTM

    I'm in
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    Charlotte Easy Rider show

    Most likely be there as well.
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    Pricing for Hertz HCX 165?

    Thanks guys, I got a few PM's from some well known names on here, and have heard nothing but good about them....Too many knock offs out there to just find the lowest prices these days.
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    Pricing for Hertz HCX 165?

    What is a middle of the road price for these?.....I see anywhere from $150 to $450 online.....I know there are import knock offs out there as well. Whats up with such a big stretch between?