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    Pay to post item on the fourm now?

    It ain't like it used to be......the old school guys who were here from the beginning have gotten tired of the bs and quit coming around. The bottom line used to be a bunch of guys who were here to truly help each other out through a passion that we all share... Now much like many things its...
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    air ride leaking

    I had a problem similar to yours and it was my check valve at the compressor. You may wanna check that.
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    Arc moto 600.4 tuning

    New kent... 30 minutes west of williamsburg
  4. Diesel

    Arc moto 600.4 tuning

    Yep, that exactly what im looking for Willy
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    Arc moto 600.4 tuning

    What's up fellas, I'm running 2 hcx690 6x9s and 2 hcx165s. Anyone running something similar with an arc mot600.4 pushing it that could share there tuning setup. That would be a huge help. Thanks guys
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    Hertz HDP4 Amplifier - No Longer Available

    Is this still available?
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    New guy from Southern Va

    Welcome from Richmond
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    Looking for a 09 and up stretch gas tank (show me some)

    I'm a big fan of camtech's tank kits
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    Camtech front air ride

    I run that same setup. It's bimba cylinders. Never had any failures at speed. Had a cylinder that leaked on me. I found the part number online and ordered it.....ALOT cheaper that way
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    What speakers to go with my set up?

    I had vocals that I got from soundz customz while I was in myrtle about 5 years ago. They were good, running them off an arc amp....eventually one stopped working. I replaced them with hertz and the same amp. The hertz sounds much better IMO...
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    Need an arc moto 600.4 amp

    Cool, I give him a shout today! Does anyone know if Pete at DA is selling these amps?
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    Need an arc moto 600.4 amp

    Like the title says, looking for a new amp. Think ill give this one a try. Thanks guys
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    Manual center stands now available

    Yeah I got one of these from Justin last summer, really nice stand. One of the better additions to my bike.
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    Sold/Expired drop seat kit - No Longer Available

    Yeah I'm waiting for the pics too