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    Toe/heel shifter question

    That's the first thing I did when I got my bike is take it off and throw it in the garbage. I can't stand the heel shifter!
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    New engine is here!

    Worse comes to worse I can go right to s&s headquarters......they aren'that far away! I'm won't need though and that's the point.
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    What are you guys using for fasteners

    I am thinking of buying some bolts sets from diamond.
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    New engine is here!

    116hp 123trq at the tire. It is built for a strong and flat midrange. It is also a square motor build for longevity. What sold me was the a combination of power, long term durability, and 2 year warranty with unlimited miles for the price. The bonus is being able to take it to any certified s&s...
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    Customers Feed Back

    Cisco is the man! He helped me get an order in late when he was leaving for Arizona bike week. I ordered an s&s dual runner intake, hhi caliper, and just black medallion gauges. His prices are very competitive and he worked with me to make sure I got what I wanted. Shipping was quick as well...
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    Latest project at the shop 26" RG

    Haha! Keeps tip toe-ing the line!
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    New here. My bagger build

    Man.....lots of hurt feelings around this b*tch tommorow! Ok, I am really leaving now. Haha!
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    New here. My bagger build

    What's the difference at this point? Deleting a few posts isn't going make it better. Whoever is mad has already got their toes stepped on. Maybe for the sake of not letting it get out of far it doesn't seem like it has been taken to far...yet. Let it ride! Although at this rate I...
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    Will a 2010 SG axle bolt to 2007 SG forks?

    Learn something new everyday. Cool.
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    New here. My bagger build

    Doesn't take much to get everyone bent out of!
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    Baseball is back

    Brewers home opener tommorow! Go crew!
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    Some pics of my Lambos. A little humor to lighten the day up.

    Might is likely an understatement.
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    New engine is here!

    Yeah, no sh*t! It's not that bad but I know what you are saying. There is no way it would be down this long if i could ride all year long.
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    Well I joined the 21 club today

    Looks very nice.
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    Stopping by to say hi from Michgan.....

    Welcome. I was hoping there would be a pic at the end of that mods list too:(