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  • Yes they are changed the fender a bit but the bags are awesome some of the best quality I have seen
    I actually sold the tri-glide trees, but before I did, I decided to purchase the HHI neck and tree 9 degree builders kit. I cut the neck and welded the new piece and tried experimenting with the tri-glide trees. I was trying to see if I could get away by not using the HHI trees. I was wrong! Believe me I tried with fork lengths cause I was having height clearance and trail issues. The cartridge cap that the HHI trees come with is all the difference when it comes to the fork length too. The triglide trees didn't have that. So to make this story short, if your friend is not gonna run the front air ride like you do, tell him to get +2 fork tubes, HHI adds another inch because of that cartridge you replace that fork cap with, and a inch drop kit on the front. You really don't need 3 more inches in height. He could still use the stock length cow bells too. But anyway bro, keep in touch! Good luck with your build..IM WATCHING YOU! hehehe
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