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    Sold/Expired Cylent Cycles Billet Lights

    paypal me I will take them [email protected]
  2. CamtechCustom

    Is a Trike a Bagger?

    I am doing one as we speak. 30" wheel in the front 20x10s in the rear lays frame full airride set up. Twin turbo with a road glide conversion. I will get some pics up soon. I think the trikes are sick!
  3. CamtechCustom

    Stock Crank Longevity

    Bring me or send me your bike. I can do the crank work and the turbo install for you and you pick it up and ride it out!
  4. CamtechCustom

    XXHDXX : 26" build of my 2011 SG

    impressive build especially for your first one. I don't see any Camtech parts though. LOL if you need any help or have any questions let me know. keep at it looking great.
  5. CamtechCustom

    180 Front Tire Road Glide

    Nice build! very different with that front tire. I dig it. If you need anything let me know..
  6. CamtechCustom

    Checking in from West Tennessee.

    KOP 2121 if I can be of any help please let me know! I did an 09 orange cvo with a 26 on my website check it out.
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    280c mounting and volume ????????

    no, if u have 6"bags it can go behind the tire. that's were mine is on my cvo.
  8. CamtechCustom

    S&S 124 or Current 107 with Trask Turbo?

    Turbo all the way! Im redoing my personal bike as we speak and have all intentions of using a Trask!
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    Charlotte Easy Rider show

    Camtech will be there! Come introduce yourself at our display if we haven't met. Thanx Cameron
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    camtech prostock fairing

    Call me if u still having trouble. 843-552-0336 ext 14 leave a message if you don't get me I will call back I'm not sitting by the phone all day. Thanx
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    The site has a new owner!

    Congrats Bill! Marc please call me tomorrow thanx
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    Camtech Custom Baggers Pics!

    Front fender is a modified Shope.
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    Ultra classic spotlight, blinker bar

    I got a few if needed