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    12 in aronett air ride rear kit..???

    I have had the arnott kit and am a dealer for them, installed them on several bikes. They ride & work very good. I just installed the monroes on my personal bike to try them out. I like how low they get ( 9.5) but dont like the 14" lift. So i used a 2" lowering bracket and it seems to work very...
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    stock bag needed

    I have a vivid black left side came off 2010 riad glide si it has scallop pinstripe in grey. 100 plys shipping
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    58mm backing plate, w/ K&N with billet cover

    asking $100.00 buyer pays shipping
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    58mm backing plate, w/ K&N with billet cover

    58 mm chrome HD air cleaner kit. comes with chrome backing plate, filter, filter screen, chrome covingtons billet end cover.
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    23" Pickard "Hooka" wheel set w/ rotors & front Yaffe fender

    Pickard "Hooka" wheel set, 23" front with avon tire (app 1000 miles) matching dual disk rotors, 17x6.25 matching rear with 200mm avon(app 3000 miles), also comes with Yaffe "classic" fender. Fender is paint Merlot sunglo 2011 color. All is in excellent shape, selling due to customer going to 26...
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    Opinion. 26" Raked and sidecar

    One of my longtime customers was hit last year & ended up loosing a leg in the deal. We r going go put a sidecar on his 2012 cvo roadglide soon. If everything gets healed well. The hight would be the only thing i may worry about with a raked bike. Ground height that is.
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    Chrome exchange

    I have chrome legs I just pulled off, what year model I will see about rotors
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    Operation welcome home soldier

    I've got a set of 10"bars 11/4 wild ones &I Avon grips I have on my display I haven't sold &I maybe a headlight trim ring, I will have to check on the ring, I will donate if u could pay the shipping,I will see what else I may have
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    Wiring question

    The black &I white wire s r for heated grips.
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    What floorboards are you running?

    I have Covingtons boards coming, they have different locations out & forward where u mount the brackets so that should help also.
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    Sinister bags $

    Covingtons has some on sale right now I believe. Call pee wee 580-256-2939. Tell them I sent u
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    Sold/Expired 2011 CVO lowers with speakers .

    ill take them, i emailed u Chad Beene
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    Hey man I just looked at the post about the bags for sale, what pipe is on that bike?

    Hey man I just looked at the post about the bags for sale, what pipe is on that bike?
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    trees or front neck rake

    I know trees only is not the recommended way to do it, the head wobble at 50 is due to the top bearing nut. you can check about every road glide, let off the gas about 47 and it will throw u in the ditch by 40 mph 8 out of 10 do that with stock trees, ask harley they have had a recall since 09...
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    trees or front neck rake

    I have done it both ways, I cut my electraglide back in 08 raked it 10 degrees with the stock trees and 21. That was when Baggers were just getting chopped. I have 2 done with just trees now with a 23. 1 streetglide &I had a road glide. The road glide model has a wobble problem from the factory...