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    We're back!

    Nice. Seen some names I haven't seen in awhile. Good to see everyone again.
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    Springer front end on bagger?

    I've seen quite a few. Most customs they want air ride on front. I think looks good on a Road King.
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    Balance Beads

    Dyna Beads for me.
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    Saddlebag plugs

    Anybody make a plug for the cut out on a right side saddlebag that anyone knows of?
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    Turn signals still for sale?
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    Learned a valuable lesson today!!

    Never seen a drag car with bags and yes they will vibrate off. 1 1/4 mile pass every now and then probably won't do it, but when you actually ride your bike for miles on end it can happen. Seen many desert cars lose their bodies do to it.
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    Learned a valuable lesson today!!

    808 has sets that have bolts, caps and bases that you change out that attach the brackets to the frame for even more peace of mind.
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    Learned a valuable lesson today!!

    They fall off all the time. Every time you take off your bags those things get weaker and vibrate off.
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    Learned a valuable lesson today!!

    I use a similar kit to Brukus which is on Ebay, but comes with lock washers. About 8000 miles and every time I've checked still tight. Also I put some loctite on the bolts just for peace of mind.
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    Cost To Cut & Weld Frame

    I would put my $75 job up against any other out there. It only matters that your welder is good. If you want to pay a crap load of money go ahead. Who's to say that the guy you are paying big money to is any good. No bondo cracking on my neck and rides straight as an arrow.
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    110+ mph wobble

    Good thing I cruise at about 90-95 until I need to fill up in the middle of the desert.
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    Cost To Cut & Weld Frame

    Exactly what he said. I paid my buddy $75 and I did the rest.
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    110+ mph wobble

    I guess it feels like it is the whole bike. It will happen when in a turn and hit a bump. I ease off the throttle let everything chill out and then right back into it. It can happen when nobody is around me going straight and I get on the throttle to quick, but could possibly be caused by wind...
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    110+ mph wobble

    When I ride 2 up with the TP I have no problems. When I ride single with TP on and get up into the 90s I get a little wobble. Need to check my pressures first though before I speculate and then ride solo again..
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    My Road King getting a facelift

    Cool. Can't wait to see it. It's already badass.